With fishing permit you can fish with rod and line from land and/or from unprogressive boat.
Trolling is NOT ALLOWED. Use of sonar is prohibited.
Every legitimate fisher may use max 2 fishing gear at the same time.

In addition to general rules there are further limitations as follows below:

Salmon and troutfishing
Prohibited 1/10 – 31/12. At other times maximum 2 fish can be caught per card an day.
Minimum lenght 50 cm. Spawned fish should be returned to the water immediately.

Maximum 2 fish can be caught per card an day.
Pike with lenght over 100 cm must be returned to the water immediately!

Maximum 3 fish can be caught per card an day.
Note! Fishing prohibited outside the mouth of the river 15/9 – 30/4
Bait fish: Note the risk of infection: bait fish used, must be caught in Kävlingeån – Löddeån!

Violation of these rules means that fishing permits are no longer valid
Fishing without valid fishing permit will be reported to the police authority and fishing gear will be confiscated.
There are 12 supervisors in the area.

At last
These rules ar designed for the convenience of fishermen, landowners and environment in the area. Follow these few rules, use the assigned fishing spots showed on the map, follow the instructions for parking, paths, fishing prohibition, nature reserves, etc and show respect for nature , landowners, cattle on pasture and fellow fishermen.

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